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Lycon Bronze

LYCO-BRONZE high-speed spray tanning utilizes the latest tanning technology to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking and fully identifiable tan. Sunburn glow in just an hour and intense tan in four.

Before tanning:

1. 24 hours before exfoliate the skin.
2. Avoid using other self-tanning products for a week before going for a tan.
3. Remove hair 24 hours before tanning.
4. When you are going to spray tanning, do not use makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils or moisturizers that day as they may make the result of the spray tan uneven.
5. Wear dark and loose clothing so that the tan can develop in peace.


Avoid swimming, showering or heavy sweating after tanning for the next 8-10 hours, when the color is still developing. In the first shower, just clean your skin with water. . Moisturize your skin regularly .Avoid cosmetics that contain Alpha hydorxy acid (AHA) as they can remove the tan from your skin..



We offer our customers a wide range of beauty care services (structural nails, hand treatments, pedicures, eyelash extensions, hair removal) with professionalism and using high-quality product lines.

We specialize in hair removal with hot wax (read more about Lycon Waxing).
Flexible treatment times, a comfortable and unhurried atmosphere are sure to guarantee a relaxing treatment experience.

Anna Karelskaia

Entrepreneur / Owner

LYCON Precision Waxing representative, importer and trainer in Finland.


Nail and eyelash designer, 2009 SM Junior in nail design and 2016 SM 3 place in eyelash extensions.

The competence is based on more than 10 years of work experience and continuous training in the development of industry trends.

Julia Provalskaya

Trained cosmetologist (2013)

Eyelash Designer (2013) Diagonal (2014)

Stad Vocational College Fin (2013)

Glitter Tatto Education Est (2013)

Mineral makeup training Fin (2013)

Bernard Cassiere Education Fin (2013)

Studex Piercing Training Fin (2014)

3D Eyebrow extension Education Est (2016)

Lash lift education Rus (2016)

Henna Education Rus (2016)

Brazilian keratin sealing treatment Est (2018)


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